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Audiences: Educational - Business - Athletics

  • "Always Do Your Best"

    This is the Changnon family motto. When Marc asks his three children, “What is our motto?” Each one of them respond, "Always Do Your Best." It sounds simple enough, but how can you maximize your productivity and positivity to really and truly do your very best? And as a leader, how do you motivate those around you to give the best of themselves every day? In this presentation, Marc will share tactics that all people, young or old, can use in order to "Always Do Your Best" whether you are part of a business, a sports team or working on personal growth and development.

  • "The Three P's of My Life: Polio – Passion – Purpose"

    Contracting Polio when Marc was 19 months old lead to his passion and purpose in life. Through his years working with young people in the world of education, or working to assist families build a financially strong future, or coaching young men the game of basketball, Marc never let polio get in his way of fulfilling his life purpose. What is your life purpose? This presentation will motivate you to find your purpose and give you direction for your life.

  • "Ten Rules of Success"

    Most successful people have a number of rules and or thoughts they live by on a daily basis. Over the years, Marc have developed 10 rules that have served as a guiding light for him throughout his career. 

  • "Career Readiness and the Career Decision Making Process"

    As a school administrator, are you concerned about your Middle School, High School or College students being career ready? Whether an individual is just starting to explore the world of careers or they are looking at switching careers, there are steps in the process you will want to follow in order to find the career that fits. Marc shares the following statement with each group he speak to, "You are going to work approximately 86,400 hours in your lifetime. Do you want to do something that you love or something that you have to do?" Career Readiness starts now, it isn't something that you can afford to put off until tomorrow.

  • "Success-You’ve Got to SWEAT to Get There"

    If your desire is to be personally successful in life you better work up a sweat or change your goal. Teams, whether in a business, in a school or in sports need to hear this message if their goal is success.

  • "Values Learned through Sports"

    Every individual involved with sports needs to be reminded of the values that should be the focus of our sports programs that will benefit the participants for the rest of their life. If you are an athlete, a coach or a parent, you need to hear this message.

    "Profile of a Successful Sales Career"

    The transfer of your emotional commitment and the belief in your product to your prospective buyer is the largest key to your success in the business of selling. A person can succeed at almost anything for which he or she has unlimited enthusiasm. In this presentation, you will learn the stages that will take you from a ordinary sales person to extraordinary.

  • "Attributes to Help You Get the Right Job"

    Successful people usually have certain attributes, combined with a confident approach to life, that assist them in achieving their success. These same principles are needed in a successful job search.

  • "Excellence or Pretty Good"

    Are you committed to making yourself the most valuable person you can be for yourself and the team, or are you satisfied with being pretty good? This presentation is intended to motivate you to autograph your work with excellence and with every endeavor in life, "Always Do Your Best."

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