“Coach Changnon has been with me for a good part of my life. He’s always been a guy who has been by my side, had my back and has just been a positive influence in my life…Having a close relationship with a coach like that, helped me in high school and it has helped me at Illinois…Coach Changnon really helped me become a better young man and a better basketball player. I don’t even really like to think of where I might be without his influence in my life. He kept me on the right path and pointed me in the right direction all my life…He’s certainly been a big, big part of helping me get here and I could never thank him enough for that.”

Rayvonte Rice, former Fighting Illini Basketball Player and current European Pro Basketball Player

“Thank you so much for such a phenomenal meeting. You are an absolutely amazing person. To watch you speak with such passion and vigor inspires me beyond belief as you are more lively than people three times younger! Thank you so much for the words of wisdom and encouragement. We always need that in our lives. May each day bring you flourishing success.”

Zayd Jawad, Speaker and Founder of VitalSignificance

“First of all, I’d like to say thank you for all that you do each day and for sharing that with us today. I was blown away by your presentation and I feel that you were personally speaking to me, especially as a 27 year old just learning how to find my way…After I left the meeting, I texted my boyfriend that I feel like I’ve found my calling after hearing you speak today…I was really moved by everything you said today and I cannot emphasize enough just how interested and engaged I want to be with your group.”

Maghan Moslander, Business Development Coordinator

“Great job today! Thanks for taking time to talk to us this morning. I will share your handout (success) with my faculty.”

Joe Wojtlena, High School Principal

“Thank you so much for helping out at the Sophomore Experience. I know that the students enjoyed seeing a familiar face and you have a really nice touch when it comes to motivating them."

Pat Dessen, CUSF Program Office

Thank you for coming to speak to several of the young ladies in the mentoring program. You made some very good points and the girls’ appreciated hearing from you. Thanks for always being willing to help and be dependable.

Lauren Smith, District Coordinator, Champaign-Urbana One-to-One Mentoring Program

“Thanks for taking time out from your busy schedule to offer your ‘perspectives.’ We all appreciate your continued involvement.”

Cal Lee, Assistant Superintendent

“Thank you very much for your motivational talk at our September meeting. You inspired us – retired teachers and current teachers – to be the best that we can be and to help others to rise to their potential. It was a powerful message to hear at the start of a new school year.”

Xi Chapter, Delta Kappa Gamma

“I had the opportunity to hear Marc Changnon give a talk at the State of Illinois ‘Connections Conference’ in Tinley Park, Illinois. I thought he was great. He showed a sense of honor and yet presented his topic in a precise manner so that everyone could understand his message. During my career, I have had the opportunity to hear a number of speakers as the Regional Director of the American College Testing Program, the Management Development Director for Century 21 of Northern Illinois and the CEO of Mulligan & Associates, and Marc Changnon is one of the best I’ve heard.”

Michael V. Mulligan, Ph.D., CEO Mulligan & Associates: A Career Consulting Firm

“I heard Marc speak at the 2017 Connection Conference in Tinley Park, Illinois and I was blown away by his ability to captivate and engage an audience. He brings all of himself and his experience into the moment. As one listens, they are pulled into the presentation with him.”

Nike Rode, High School Guidance Counselor & Varsity Girls Basketball Coach

I was fortunate to have Marc Changnon’s advice and expertise while I was contemplating my future career. Choosing your career path is a challenging decision at any stage of your life, whether you’re 17 or 57 years old. Marc helped provide clarity and perspective for my Career Decision Making Process and helped me assess my passions and my personal strengths. Above all, Marc reframed a complex life decision and helped communicate the process of seeking a future career in a salient and meaningful way. Without a doubt, Marc’s guidance and thoughtfulness on the topic led me on the path to my current career in public relations. 

Maggie Emmons, Corporate Communications Manager